"What do you want, Kat? I can feel you lingering." Katniss walked in from around the corner and stared at Zander. She shot him a look that told him that she was not to be trifled with. Zander let out a low sigh, more to himself than anything else, and continued to write. 

"What are you even writing?" 

"The next teen romance novel. It’s about a werewolf falling in love with a turtle." 

Zander was clearly annoyed as he snapped the journal shut and looked up at her. While she was clearly upset with him, he wasn’t in the mood for her behavior either. The fight that broke out between Rae and Zander had been particularly nasty that date and he didn’t want to deal with anyone else. She moved closer to him with her eyes narrowed at him. Her mouth made no effort to argue so he just opened his journal again and continued writing. If she wasn’t going to talk, he would simply ignore her.

"If you keep this up, you’ll lose her before you’ve even had her." 

This caught his attention, though he made no clear attempt to look at her again, his eyes just merely shifted to the side with a slight lift of his chin. She clicked her tongue and laughed loudly with no humor in it. 

"You are so thick, I swear. It is just like the old years. You careless, arrogant, fool.” He looked up at her then with a glint in his eyes that she had seen many times before, except this time she didn’t cower. She simply rested her hands on her hips as if daring him to challenge her. 

"She isn’t a guardian of the pearly gates anymore." Her sarcasm laced each word. "She is human, Zander. Just like you and I once were and partially are now. And do you realize what humans have? Feelings.” Her hands moved away from her hips and towards him, in a fluid moment, as if she was explaining to someone that was particularly slow. He understood the joke instantaneously. 

"Why should I care if she is human or not?" He question allowing his eyes to meet hers. He acted as if he simply did not care for the topic at hand or that he was bored. She knew him better than that. 

"You care because, whether or not you have chosen to accept it, you love her. But if you continue on like this, not only will you lose her. You will break her.” Kat took one final look at him and left the room. Zander watched her go and noticed that Nate was standing at the door, waiting for her, unbeknownst to Zander’s keen observation skills. He must have approached while they were speaking. His eyes continued to watch as the strangest thing happened. 

Nate smiled watching her approach and reached for her, his hand enveloping her smaller one while pulling her too him. Their lips met and Zander understood why it was important for him to make it up to Rae. He wanted that. Their love, their understanding, their comfort. 

Kat was right, he loved Rae, but he was killing her in the process.

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